Friday, June 17, 2011

At the ATM

Just got back from a trip to the automatic teller machine. Normally a completely uneventful experience, but not this morning. After I had punched in my PIN, these two street thugs came up and started to try to distract me, waving papers under my nose, randomly pressing the buttons and so forth. Naturally, I kept my eye on my card the whole time, and started to yell. What happened next was sheer joy.

Three little old ladies and a very tall African lady, resplendent in headdress and full length dress, came to my rescue. They went after those thugs with relish, screaming at them, beating them with their handbags and umbrellas, calling for further help etc etc. The little bastards who were trying to derail me didn't stand a chance -- they headed for the hills, with the African lady in hot pursuit. The remaining three little old ladies stood around, forming a human barricade as I completed my transaction.

I love Parisians!


  1. The Plain People of Ireland: Hold on a minute. Shouldn't that be "ATM machine" and "PIN number"?

    Whipping Cats Management: No, it should not. Silence, ye ignorant wretches!