Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Owls of Saint Germain des Pres

After today's visit to the new Cezanne exhibition at the Musee du Luxembourg with Ellen and Leslie, I got slightly lost in the 6th on the way back to the metro. There were lots of owls, despite it being mid-afternoon. One was quite pugnacious:

That last one seems like some kind of owl ouija board.

There was lots of other fun stuff in Saint Germain des Pres, a very tony neighborhood indeed. More photos can be seen at this link, over on Facebook:

dans le 6eme

The Cezanne exhibit was pretty cool - a nice manageable size. My only concern was that Mrs C. looked pretty glum in all the portraits of her. Perhaps she was upset at being compared to an apple by the curator of the exhibit! With some justification, IMO, because there was no perceptible difference between the portraits and still lifes, in terms of style or vivacity. But who am I to criticize? The man, we are told, was a genius.

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