Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend in Edinburgh

Ever since my first visit to see Yvonne, in December 1976, I've always loved Edinburgh. This recent visit did nothing to change that - it was terrific from start to finish. The city itself remains ravishing. But this was a visit of unexpected pleasures -- we actually spent very little time in the usual tourist haunts. Not to underestimate the charm of these -- we spent a glorious afternoon on Sunday pottering along the Royal Mile and along Princes Street.

We ended up drinking some fine Malbec in a very snazzy hidden-away rooftop bar with a wraparound terrace that afforded a gorgeous view of the skyline by night:


Maybe "Downton Abbey" was on, for whatever reason, we had the place to ourselves. The Malbec was excellent, as was the charcuterie platter with dirty bread, and Yvonne and her friend Karla were in great form. It was a wonderful conclusion to my visit.

Exhaustion has set in here, so the trip to Hogwarts and the sublime performance of Anna Bolena will have to wait until another post.

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  1. Tommy Toper and the Tatty-TodgersOctober 22, 2011 at 5:45 PM

    How is the Royal Mile not one of 'the usual tourist haunts'?
    And what kind of barbarian keeps booze in gilded cages? Can we blame, at blood-curdling volume loud enough to be heard at Bannockburn, the British? I think we can.
    Besides, there's a whiff of independence in the air.