Sunday, November 6, 2011

Flûtes de Bâle

As a reward for having finished my book report on "La sagesse de la foule" (The Wisdom of Crowds), and for completing my reformulation and precis of an excruciatingly boring text on the employment of "quinquas" (workers over 50) in French companies, I am relaxing with a refreshing limoncello and some delicious "flûtes de Bâle". These are not actually some kind of demonic musical instrument (as the French pronunciation of their name seems to suggest), but a local confectioner's delicacy from Basel:

They come with three different fillings: caramel, cappuccino, and gianduja. All three are delicious.

The Basel flutes in the picture were kindly provided to me by the Ostland family. Thanks, guys! I had initially thought I might bring them to class tomorrow to share. But that's clearly not going to happen.

As they say in these here parts, miam, miam !

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