Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Une journee excellente

I do like Wednesdays! In the morning, we have our improvisation class. Then today I went back to lunch at Chez Alain, where I had the tomato salad, chicken tarragon with frites, drink and coffee, all for only 16 Euros. After that, an hour at the gym. Then it was on to my private lesson with Danielle, from 18:30 to 20:00. We discussed this article:

An analysis of the presidential campaign as a contemporary recasting of the Hobbes-Rousseau worldviews. Total geekish fun to be able to have this discussion in French. Proves I learned something in the last 12 months.

Then, when I got home, two new episodes of the new Sherlock. More geekish fun. The first one (Reichenbach Falls) wasn't all that great. But the second one is "Le Chien des Baskervilles".

All in all, a very satisfactory day.

Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having here in Paris?

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