Sunday, May 6, 2012

Whipping Cats Bicentennial Post

An auspicious day for Whipping Cats* and, we hope, for France. Congratulations to Monsieur Hollande as he assumes the role of president of the Fifth Republic. Here in Paris, people have taken to the streets to celebrate, and to join the big socialist rally** going on down at the Place de la Bastille. Earlier this evening, I watched the results on TV with Nancy and Gabriella and their neighbors at the little bar on their corner. The degree of resentment against Sarkozy was remarkable, though obviously this bar cannot have been entirely representative, as he did get 48% of the vote.

*: for this blog. It is never an auspicious day to whip cats, neither singly nor multiply. Leave Smudge alone!
**: yes, America. Europe is full of socialists. They are everywhere, kind of like LOLcats, but with better spelling and syntax.

Why eat Toblerone when you can have chocolate to which the candied fruit and pistachios have been added by hand?

For those readers who may be lamenting the apparent recent decline of this blog to nothing more than food porn and poems about cats, rest assured that the management is fully aware of the problem and will be taking steps forthwith to reverse this decline. For instance, we will very shortly be reintroducing the ever-popular "Geek's Corner" feature.

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