Monday, September 24, 2012

A Dinner Post

I stayed home from school today because of my VILE COLD, but things appear to be on the mend. Enough for me to try a very abbreviated post about dinner on Thursday evening, which was at Chez Flottes, with my legal companions from last week's "French & the Law" class. Though Chez Flottes had the slight air of a tourist trap, a fine time was had by all.

Sonre (Norway), Elaine (Canada), and Ksenia (Russia)

The foie gras starter with mango chutney was my favorite course.

Though the chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables was pretty good as well.

Sarina (from Switzerland) and Ekim (from Turkey) also enjoyed the evening:

Sadly, Teresa, the apellate court judge from Modena, did not join us; possibly because she didn't want her face plastered all over Facebook.

Dessert was an excellent chocolate moelleux, a little too rich pour moi.

Enormous thanks are due to Greg Butera, from Manchester, who took on the trouble of organising the whole evening.

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  1. I want Sonre's spectacles. And some of the chocolate moelleux. Please.