Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Stationery Fetish

Stationery shops have always had a bizarre seductive appeal to me. I don't know if it's a holdover from my schoolboy nerdishness, when shopping for school supplies before the start of a new school year could keep me engaged for days (important to get the right coloured three-ring binders, and to have enough of those sticky circular reinforcement thingies for the much-pawed pages in which the holes just gave way; not to mention highlighter pens of assorted degrees of eye-assaulting neon virulence).

So when I came across these fine items in Gibert Jeune the other day, for a mere 2,03€, there was no question of leaving the store without them:

"What are they?", I hear you ask. Why, they are handy stencils of the map of France, with the major physical geographic features imposed (on the right), and the various towns and departements on the left.

C'est genial, non ?

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  1. I have the same stationery fetish too and I know how pricey it could be sometimes, I usually buy loads and loads of pens and especially notebooks which I have no use for. For me, back-to-school shopping is basically an excuse to go in and fondle with all delightful displays of rows and rows of folders and pens I first thought it was just a fetish for writing, haha. :D