Thursday, March 31, 2011

E-mail problems

I'm currently experiencing major difficulties with my e-mail account. For the second time in a week it's been infected with a spam-sending virus, even though I changed the account password after the first episode over the weekend. I just now changed the password again - now it refuses me access with either password, so I can neither access my e-mail, nor figure out how to fix the spamming problem.

I'm hoping it's just a lag in updating the password that is keeping me from accessing the account right now. I've been around the Yahoo-AT&T "help" loop twice already this evening, so I think I'm just going to do a Scarlett O' Hara and call it a night.

Maybe it's time to switch to Gmail anyway.

(screams silently at computer screen)


  1. Courage! Gmail has some advantages but also some irritants, like threading messages in giant clumps.

    Good night, Scarlett. Pour a glass of wine and put your feet up then to bed w/ you.

  2. I did get a questionable email from you. I didn't open it.
    Sent another email asking if it was really you.

    Sorry you are having trouble. Ditto the advice from the other comment.