Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I drink

SystemWelcome Mr. David Giltinan.
SystemConnecting to server. Please wait...
SystemConnection with server established.
SystemTechnical Support Topic: PROACTIVE: DSL Change Password
SystemAUDRA has joined this session!
SystemConnected with AUDRA
You Hello
AUDRA Thank you for contacting AT&T Internet Support. My name is Audra (rk374h). I see that I am chatting with Mr. David Giltinan . Am I correct?
You Yes.
AUDRA Hello Mr. Giltinan . How are you doing today?
You I'm having a slight problem. I changed my password because my e-mail account was infected with a spam virus, and now i can't access my account with the new password
AUDRA Please do not worry, I will guide you in the right direction.
AUDRA I see that you provided 415XXXXXXX as the number associated with your DSL/Dial account. Am I correct?
You Thanks. That's correct, but I am currently not at home. I am in Paris, France
AUDRA Okay. Good to hear that!
AUDRA Mr. Giltinan, are you in holiday trip?
You I am here studying for 3 months (until June)
AUDRA That's Good!
AUDRA May I know the complete address with the zip code?
You the AT&T system gave me the message that my password was changed, but Yahoo e-mail doesn't accept the new password.
You My address at home is 3XXX 19th St, #1 San Francisco CA 94114
AUDRA May I know the primary email address on that account?
AUDRA May I know the email address that you created while installing the AT&T Internet services?
You Ah, I think it was probably
AUDRA May I know the Billing telephone number with the customer code?
You415-XXX-XXXX. I don't know what "customer code" means
AUDRA The customer code is the 11th, 12th, 13th digit of the account number.
You I don't know what that means
AUDRA You will find the details on your bill.
You That might be possible. but I don't have my phone bill with me here in Paris.
AUDRA It is one of the important which I need to fetch and reset the password for your email address. AUDRA*Information
You Now we have a problem. My bill gets sent to me electronically by e-mail. I can't access my e-mail. That's why we are having this conversation.
AUDRA I understand your concern, but I will not be able to fetch the information without the customer code.
You So what do you suggest?
AUDRA I am sorry for the inconvenience, being a secure information, I will not be able to fetch the information.
AUDRA Hope you understand that the privacy and protection of personal information is for your safety and is of the utmost importance to us. Our Members have come to expect this security and we are sure you would demand the same protection as an account holder.
AUDRAI have a alternate option for you.
You So what do you suggest? I AM an account holder, and what I expect is for you to offer me some real help. Please go ahead
AUDRA In this case, you need to contact our AT&T Voice support, they have a different way of verification.
AUDRA I am sure, you will be able to get the password from there.
AUDRA Please call us at 1-877-722-3755 .It is a toll free number and is available 24*7.
You what system of verification do they use? and is this number toll-free from Paris? AUDRA Yes, you are correct, it will not be a toll free number from France.
You Please let me know exactly what information I will need to provide them, as i will have to make the phone call from a public phone on the street. It's not a big deal that it's not toll free from here - I can use a prepaid card.
AUDRA Mr. Giltinan, AT&T Voice support is different department, I will not be able to provide you the information about there way of verification.
You but in order not to have to make several calls, which would be very awkward, it would be very useful to know in advance what information they will require so that i can have it available. If they need information that's only available on my billing statement, then I'm stuck.
You So in other words, you can't actually help me at all. This has been a waste of 20 minutes. AUDRA I will give you an idea.
You thanks
AUDRA If you call and find a customer code from the any of your family member there in San Francisco CA in that address.
You OK. I will have to try that. I appreciate your trying to help me, even if it wasn't completely successful.
You Thanks again. I am going to sign off now, OK?
AUDRA I understand but hope you understand my limitations.
AUDRA It was pleasure chatting with you. Hope I was able to provide you with the information and also guide you in the right direction. Is there anything else that I may assist you today? You No thanks, and I do understand your limitations. Take care. Bye.
AUDRA Have a great week ahead!
AUDRA Thank you for using AT&T Yahoo! Chat Support.
You will now be disconnected from this session. The chat window will remain open until you close it. For quick answers, make the new AT&T Yahoo! Help site your first stop. Visit where you'll find pages of product information to assist you. Again, thank you for choosing AT&T Yahoo! Chat Support.
AUDRA We value your business.


  1. I needed a drink after reading it!

  2. LOL LOL. Love this!! "You: Now we have a problem. My bill gets sent to me electronically by e-mail. I can't access my e-mail. That's why we are having this conversation."

    Does this mean you finally get a gmail account?

  3. Just read your previous post about switching to gmail! Do all NCBs think alike??

  4. Here's the first stupid thing. AT&T requires a "customer number" that is NOT the phone number. It's a 9-digit number that appears only on my bill. Why not have our customer number be our phone number?

    Tomorrow there will be other stupid things I can rattle off, but this is the first one.