Friday, May 6, 2011

Arrivals and Departures

Paddy arrived safely this morning at around 9:30. Unfortunately, she and Brad did not get to hang out together, as he ended up taking the shuttle to the airport that she had arrived in (traffic between here and Charles de Gaulle was horrendous this morning, for mysterious, inexplicable, trafficky reasons). He should be in Newark by now, getting psyched for his joyous reunion with Thor; Paddy is comfortably ensconced in the very nice hotel around the corner. We spent a great afternoon wandering around the neighborhood, and are about to rendezvous to consider our dinner options. Life is good.

As I don't have time to write any more this evening, here are some photos for your amusement. The slightly outraged pussy cat at the bottom is in the Carnavalet Museum.

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