Thursday, May 5, 2011

Briefly noted

Things are hectic this week - Brad leaves tomorrow morning, and Paddy arrives. We estimate they will overlap for about an hour. Champagne has been purchased to celebrate the arrival and departure. Brad is sad to leave, but very happy that he will soon be reunited with Thor, whom he has missed a lot. Perhaps not as excited about his imminent reunion with Boris. I regret to report that even in the most flattering photos that Uncle Jay sent, Boris's scowl can only be described as malevolent.

Brad has vowed to do his utmost to keep the redecorated apartment pristine until my return in late June. He will be helped in this quest by the following amazing machine

whose purchase I underwrote before he came to Paris. This is not just any vacuum cleaner. It is a Dyson. Furthermore, it is not just any Dyson. It is a top-of-the-line model, distinguished from lesser Dysons by its incorporation of the revolutionary animal ball technology. No, I have no idea what that means either, nor do I really want to know.

On a related note, about three weeks ago, they installed a Dyson hand-drier in the men's bathroom at school. The thing is so magnificent that I have seen people go in and wash their hands, without ever using the toilet, just so they can enjoy the experience of using it.

If you were expecting to read anything of substance in this post, I am afraid you are going to be seriously disappointed.

I am healthy again. School is terrific. Paddy arrives tomorrow, so things are likely to be fairly busy for a while. The frequency of posting to this blog may decrease for a while. Nothing to worry about. It just means I'm out and about living life, not hunched over a computer screen.

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