Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ragnarök (Twilight of the Gods)

Today, on the grounds that one's only lasting regrets in life are the things one fails to do, I decided to dip into my little treasure hoard back in San Francisco to buy a ticket to the Opera Bastille for this coming Friday evening:

The featured opera is Le Crépuscule des dieux (Twilight of the Gods), which clocks in at around 4 hours and 30 minutes, so at least I will get my money's worth. One might reasonably object that seeing the final opera of the ring cycle here in Paris will ruin the suspense when I go to see all four operas in SF later in June, but I think we all know that things don't exactly end happily. I sincerely hope that at least 10 Euros of the obscenely high ticket price have been set aside by the Opera Bastille to provide some decent special effects -- the destruction of Valhalla, not to mention the Rhine overflowing its banks to quench Brunnhilde's funeral pyre, shouldn't be a cheapskate affair. There needs to be some pizzazz, in addition to the vocal pyrotechnics. Needless to say, I will be devoting some significant amount of time between now and Friday to fireproofing my outfit. One wonders if they will be deactivating the sprinkler system in the building for the duration of the performance. It's all very exciting, and I promise to report back in full after the event.

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