Monday, October 3, 2011

Adieu, profiteroles! Hello, Bakewell tart! (Part 1)

See, this is what happens when you take on the role of the prodigal son. You arrive home, and before you know it, all your time gets taken up with lunches and dinners and cups of coffee and catching up with people you haven't seen in donkeys years* and the next thing you know you are guilty of blog neglect.

I've seen so many old friends in the past few days, it would be impossible (and possibly not all that interesting) to give a full account here. So I will resort to the ever-popular, non-chronological, mosaic of random-snippets blogging technique.

* Even though I know we're not supposed to divulge troop movements in a general-readership blog, let me just say that the entire French army was going somewhere on Saturday afternoon. Somewhere that required them to take a flight from Charles de Gaulle airport. I have never seen so many French people in camouflage uniform with large rifles in one place in my life. Far be it from me to indulge in facetious over-generalization based on a single brief encounter, but what else are blogs for? So, based on my keen observation on Saturday, I can reliably report that (a) French male soldiers are all unfailingly polite and courteous in public spaces (b) French female soldiers have the comportment and manners of water buffalo (c) French soldiers of both sexes have a surprising love of McDonalds. One might be tempted to infer that their destination might have a dearth of McDonalds, but that would be extrapolating beyond the range of available data.

* The Airbus 320 on the Aer Lingus flight from Paris to Cork was quite snazzy. I was particularly taken by the Safety Information card in the seat pocket in front of me. So much so that, I am ashamed to say, I stole a copy, smuggling it out in the pages of my complimentary inflight magazine, Cara. But look at the picture below, and see if you have it in your heart to blame me:

I mean, come on, those smiley-faced airplane schematics are adorable.

Well, we haven't even landed in Cork yet, and already this post has gone on far too long. So the story will just have to be continued in subsequent posts. Coming soon, I promise!

* Not that I would have it any other way

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