Saturday, September 15, 2012

Le Palm Springs Grand Ball

Every once in a blue moon the very nice Lebanese gentleman who owns half the galleries, restaurants, and cafes in the neighborhood sees fit to lease out once of the vacant gallery spaces to be used as a venue for a techno dance party. Judging from signs like this one

plastered all over the gallery next door, I have to think that tonight is a blue moon night. This is also Techno Party weekend in Paris.

When this happened in the spring, I was very upset indeed. This time, I figure it's best to go with the flow. Maybe take in a midnight show at The Grand Rex. Work on my French essay-writing skills until 3am. It's not as if I have to be anywhere in particular bright and early on Sunday morning.

And, if worst comes to worst, I always have recourse to my shiny new fluorescent earplugs.

But, peace to all Techno fans etc etc, I sincerely hope this remains a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence.

And a happy birthday to my brother-in-law, Dale, who celebrates his today.

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