Thursday, September 13, 2012

Une journée très normale

On the face of it, today was a day that was surprising only in its absolute banality. Morning at school, reading the newspaper as I ate my lunchtime sandwich. Followed by the afternoon workshop (exercises on la comprehension orale), a quick excursion to the supermarket, then an hour at la gym before dinner at the cafe around the corner, during which I worked on my essay on gun control for class with Danielle tomorrow afternoon.

But then there is this to consider. Except for a couple of sentences exchanged with the Americans at the table next to me at dinner, I haven't spoken a word of English all day. And I seem to have successfully filtered out all but the French input -- television, radio, and newspapers. And I can't say that it has taken any noticeable effort today. Which would not have been the case a year ago.

So I am really happy about that. And I hope I don't need to point out that it is precisely the ability to come here to Paris and master the art of living an ordinary life here that is one of the most satisfying things about this adventure.

I'd better add a few photos to this post so that you don't all die of boredom, or quit reading this blog in disgust.

Here are a couple for Priya:

And here are a few from the ever-popular "street art" category:

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