Thursday, September 19, 2013

In Other News

While wandering around the 5th arrondissement yesterday on my way to register at the Sorbonne, I did stumble across the Irish Cultural Center:

conveniently located on Rue des Irlandais:

I also discovered one of the hazards of the 5th (larcenous restaurant prices). After the interview with the academic counselor I figured it was time for lunch. A bite to eat would help put things in perspective and give me a chance to think about the advice I had been given. But I was a little bit distracted, so I didn't pay enough attention to the restaurant I picked. It didn't look particularly fancy, but once I had been seated and looked around I realized it was packed with obvious lawyer-types -- never a good sign. Let me just say that for 9 Euros, I would expect the tomatoes in my "heirloom tomato salad" to pack a lot more flavour than they actually did (they were ugly and gnarly as you would expect, but tasted pretty insipid, which was outrageous, considering the price). Also, Corsican bottled water tastes no better than San Pellegrino -- it just costs a lot more. But at least I kept dry during the slightly apocalyptic thunderstorm that started around 14:00.

After dinner I finally retrieved the suitcase I had left in the cave (storage basement) of my friends Nancy and Gabriella during the winter. It was a little bit like opening a time capsule, as I had no memory whatsoever of what I might have put in it. All kinds of little treasures came to light -- my foldable umbrella (I had been on the verge of buying a new one on Monday, but something held me back), my little booklet of arrondissement maps, not to mention these guys:

I just can't fathom how I got by without my little leprechaun-clock until now. The little guy on the bottom, aka as Chatty le Chat, was a present from my friend Paddy when she came to visit last year. He appears to have suffered a minor tail sprain while in storage, but not, luckily, an actual fracture.

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