Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Whipping Cats est de retour !!!

Yes, folks!! After a winter of hibernation, and a shameful dalliance with the vile Zuckerbergian site which shall not be named (but let's be clear, I have never, even in my lowest hours, had any truck with le Twitter), I have decided that I owe it to you, my faithful readers, to revive "Whipping Cats".

The plain people of Ireland: hear, hear!! about time too!! (assorted other coarse cries of approval)
Whipping Cats Management: Silence, wretches!! Even if ye are just some kind of "meta" blogging device, that still doesn't mean ye're allowed in the main body of a post.

Where was I? Let's try adding a photo or four, that you may have missed if you are not on FB:

Arts et Métiers (my favorite metro station)

Delicious, low-carb snack

Happy students at Père Lachaise

Marianne, on a fine September evening

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  1. Yeah! Does this mean you've also defected from that awful hall of mirrors which shall not be named? Lovely to see WC back in my blog feed.