Friday, April 22, 2011


It may seem as if entries from this blog spring daily, fresh from the head of yours truly. Nothing could be further from the truth. Were it not for my legions of faithful readers and e-mail correspondents, my world would be a much more impoverished one. Without their feedback and input, the scope of this blog would be greatly diminished.

One of my most faithful correspondents, Paul Boche*, recently alerted me to an event which I am - sadly - missing by suffering here in the Paris springtime:

Ha ha! Sucks to be you....while you're withering away in Paris exercising "Operation Healthy Food Choices," Denny's has rolled out a celebration of "Baconalia" replete with a Maple Bacon Sundae!

Here is the link:


This is the sort of thing, frankly, that makes me regret my career choices. Instead of co-authoring an abstruse statistics book that causes me to receive e-mail from earnest pharmacokineticists in Uganda and Sweden, I could have made a real contribution by going into advertising and coining words like "Baconalia". Which is sheer bloody genius, I think you'll agree.

Oh well.

I should add that it was Paul who also alerted me to Oscar, the puddy-tat of doom, previously encountered over on MAINLY ON THE PLAIN:

Puddy-tat of doom

furry grim reaper

You may wonder why I refer to Oscar as a puddy-tat. Well, it's because previous experience has shown that use of the word "pu$$y" can result in blocked access to this entire blog, if one is trying to do so from a public internet cafe.

* Boche is a French slang word for ‘rascal’, first applied to German soldiers during World War One, and borrowed during the early years of that conflict into British English.

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