Thursday, April 21, 2011

Geek's Corner (4)

Fun vocabulary items -

the younger sister : la soeur cadette
walkie-talkie : talkie-walkie*
the Resurrection : la ressuscitation
to resuscitate : reanimer
leap-frog : saute-mouton (which seems considerably more challenging)

Recent hilarious misunderstanding:

What I thought I was saying (in a discussion of unwarranted stereotypes)

"Parisians have the reputation for being mean"

What I actually said:

"Les parisiens ont la faim d'ĂȘtre mechants"

Which, to the extent that it means anything at all, would mean:

"Parisians hunger to be mean"

No wonder the teacher looked confused/semi-offended. The fact that the sentence would work in Thpanish wasn't really a convincing excuse.

*: I find this "word" gut-splittingly funny. Maybe it's a geek thing.

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