Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Art dans la Rue

One of the things I like about my current neighborhood is the vibrant graffiti scene. When I first arrived, the art on the school wall next to the apartment looked like this:

Nice and cheerful for the kiddies. But yesterday evening, there was a new face in town. A tiger had eaten ze octopus:

He is a very handsome tiger. Brought to you by these guys, who did not wish their names to be used:

I asked them what was their source of inspiration, but they got all coy and pretended not to understand the question. Dommage.

By the way, aux Etats-Unis I would never have the courage to ask a random street artist to pose for a photo. Here in Paris, there seemed to be no reason not to. And you could tell they were secretly hugely pleased to be asked, though they tried to act all cool about it.

Insert smile emoticon here.

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  1. Your next career: folklorist. You're a great documentarian, Dg, and now you're interviewing as well as photographing and writing about cultural expressions. People like to talk about what they do.