Sunday, September 25, 2011

Le blogueur paresseux

What does the lazy blogger do? He pads, shamelessly, by publishing posts consisting almost exclusively of photos. Like this post.

This little sculptor's studio a few doors down from my apartment is clear evidence that the neighborhood is in the process of gentrifying.

Finally, in honor of my friend Michael, who arrived safely back in San Jose yesterday evening, but who originally hails from the town of Alnwyck (pronounced "Annick") in Northumberlandshire, north of Hadrian's Wall, here is a little limerick:

There was a mechalnwyck of Alnwyck
Whose opinions were anti-Germalnwyck.
So once war had begun
He went off with a gun
The proportions of which were Titalnwyck.

I do know another limerick involving Alnwyck. It is not, however, suitable for inclusion on a family blog.

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