Tuesday, April 17, 2012

De retour a Paris

I am back in my little home on the rue du Vertbois. It was a fine weekend in Gainesville. And some day soon I will have the psychic energy to blog about it.

But, in the words of Aragorn (son of Arathorn), "That day is not this day".
Because the decalage horaire (le jet lag), he is killing me.

So, a bientot! I leave you with this pig, which I found in Saint Augustine, the oldest city in the continental United States:

These pigs have evolved to have three legs, which gives them an evolutionary advantage when standing around, e.g., on the Andes. They are nourished exclusively on a diet of four-leafed clovers, which makes them exceptionally lucky. Scientists have yet to come up with a satisfactory explanation for their somewhat jaundiced coloration. And the blue measles.

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