Friday, April 20, 2012

My Gator Weekend (Part 1)

I know that my readers have been thirsting for a blow-by-blow account of my exciting Florida adventure, so here it is:

Day 1 (Thursday)

I think I already covered this in a previous post. It was a very long day of travel. The trip was broken up by a 4-hour stopover at the Charlotte airport, which is quite pleasant. They have rocking chairs for travelers to chill out in, so I did just that. I also availed myself of the Wendy's there because Paris = no Wendy's, and I loves me that chili and French fries combination. My rocking chair was across from the "Terminal Getaway" day spa, whose masseuses, all dressed in black, hovered like hungry vultures, in case I showed signs of needing a pedicure. Even if I were a pedicure kind of guy, they obviously don't understand about support hose. Youngsters under 50, you may not know what I am talking about, but you will some day. Look up the Wikipedia entry for "deep vein thrombosis". And shudder at what fashion accessories lie in your future.

Day 2 (Friday)

The hotel in Gainesville was perfectly nice, without being extraordinary in any way. It was a super bargain that had been suggested by the Travelocity gnome, so I can't complain. There were baby alligators in the adjoining lake, and all of the vending machines were overstocked with "beverages" (more accurately, "chemicals") from the Mountain Dew and Doctor Pepper families. Midday on Friday I picked up Jessica T. from the airport. She is one of several other Goodreaders who attended the wedding. (Background: I first met Ben, the groom, on, then later in person in San Francisco; we hit it off so well that when he invited me to his wedding, I felt I had to go). Jessica and I hung out together much of the weekend, hooking up with the other Goodreaders on Saturday, before and during the wedding.

OK, well the whole point of the weekend was the wedding, so here is a picture of the bride and groom (not taken by me, so obviously stolen from somewhere, probably Facebook):

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