Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Food Post

Well, I'm in Paris. There are going to be a few food-related blog posts.

Ellen and Leslie came over yesterday evening and we went to dinner next door at le Vernissoir. I had been looking forward to a little rabbit stew, but they had changed their menu for the summer, so instead I had to console myself with a little duck terrine, perfectly done steak with fingerling potatoes and a little dessert. The terrine and steak were wonderful, but the dessert was the best part. Ellen and Leslie shared a "reimagined chocolate tarte" (deconstructed into its constituent elements and reassembled), while I had the deconstructed mojito, shown below:

On a biscuit base (in the Irish sense of biscuit), there was mint ice-cream, meringue, and two little infusions of rum, which one could presumably suck on, inject intravenously, or ingest by whatever route one fancied.

It was both delicious and highly entertaining! It was also great to see Ellen and Leslie again. Paradoxically, though we live only about 30 miles from each other in the U.S. (they live in Palo Alto), we end up seeing one another far more often here in Paris. And it is way more fun seeing Ellen over dinner here in the neighborhood than at dull staff meetings at Genentech. Though I would like to believe we did our best to minimize the dullness of our staff meetings.

Why not make your own deconstructed mojito as you read this blog post?

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