Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quelques photos

Today was not the ACCORD school's finest hour - both my morning class AND afternoon workshop fell victim to teacher scheduling problems. And, in the case of the workshop, to some unforgivable cheapskatery (not to say ass-hattery), on behalf of Manuel, the smooth-talking empty suit of a "director" they installed last year. He continues to preside over a gradual erosion of quality and standards that is directly relatable to his own cost-cutting measures.

But enough carping. One good result was that I re-registered this morning for another 3-month stint at the gym, and got to work out for 45 minutes this afternoon. Just cardio stuff so far, but it's a start. Tomorrow I re-start my private lessons with Danielle (aka Madame Cruella), and will have dinner in the neighborhood with Ellen and Leslie, who have flown back from Palo Alto atypically early this year.

I leave you with a couple of photos of Arts et Metiers, one of the closest metro stations to here, and one of my favorites; I love the whole Jules Verne vibe.

This last picture speaks for itself (I hope):

Bonne nuit à tous mes lecteurs.

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  1. Yes, very classy. Makes one want to ride subways for the fun of it, and I can't say that for every city.