Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Those cats aren't going to whip themselves!!

Well, it's been a shamefully long time since I've posted to this blog. But that's all going to change. Now that I am back in Paris for another 3 months, I owe it to you, my public, to keep you abreast of all the latest developments ici in the France of Monsieur Hollande, as I continue my never-ending climb up the cliff-face of French language and culture.

Zut, alors! This time around my ascent is being rendered that little bit more complicated by the fact that I am documenting it on my nouveau Acer, purchased yesterday at Darty for more Euros than I might have liked, and equipped with an indisputably French keyboard, which is the cause of some hilarious typos. It turns out that reprogramming it to be American is a very bad idea, as my recollection of what keys go where on the American keyboard is very imperfect.

Here's an especially fun activity you might want to try sometime, preferably when you are befuddled and jetlagged. Try entering the 18-digit code to access your WiFi network on a keyboard where the keys have apparently been randomly reallocated by malevolent French elves. The term "laff riot" comes to mind.

But it's great to be back, to be recognized and welcomed. I started class again yesterday morning, and so far things are going great. Right now it's time to write my homework essay on the mysterious allure of Alcatraz as a tourist destination, as well as figure out, if cinema is the "7th art" in French, what do the other six (or more?) correspond to?

Enquiring minds need to know. Check back soon for the answer to this, and other equally fascinating, questions.


  1. Abysmal service on long distance flights is an Air France art form. Must take a lot of stamina for the stewardess to lobbing a petit pain onto the meal tray with that amount of disdain. And I'm still flying with them this year. Arrgh!