Sunday, September 16, 2012

French and the Law

Beginning tomorrow, I have signed up for ACCORD's special course on "French and the Law". Though it is geared primarily towards lawyers from other countries who want to learn about the French judicial system in some depth, it is not exclusively meant for members of the legal profession. I figure it will provide me with some helpful vocabulary, and the opportunity to visit assorted sites of legal importance here in Paris. It's a total of 27 hours instruction all told; in the mornings we will have class in school, then each of four afternoons we visit a different site of legal interest, such as the Court of Appeals, the Palace of Justice, and so on.

Having made it to the gym seven days in a row for the past week, I decided to take a day off today, because the last thing I need is some kind of injury. I did, however, walk over to Nancy and Gabriella's and back, which is a brisk 30-minute walk each way. Here are some photos I took on the way back:


Poor Mr Bennet. I hope he has found his way home by now.

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