Monday, September 17, 2012

My inadvertent brush with cannibalism

As I mentioned yesterday, today was the start of the week-long "Français et Droit" (French and the Law) seminar series at ACCORD. And a fine series it promises to be, if today's sessions are anything to go by. Anyway, because we had a 3.5 hour initial session with the excellent Natalie, and were slated for a 3-hour session with Olivier in the afternoon, at around 1pm I went in search of sustenance.

For whatever reason, I was moved to try the "Indiana", a (not particularly good) pseudo-American chain with a wannabe Tex-Mex ambiance. And, to be fair, their chicken chimichanga, accompanied by a Desperados beer (dangerously 'flavored' with a soupçon of tequila), did hit the spot. Though I did wonder at the blood-colored streak of something mysterious mixed through the guacamole atop my chimichanga.

A mystery that was cleared up first thing in the afternoon session. Wherein the gruesome reality was revealed that THE FRENCH WORD FOR AVOCADO AND LAWYER ARE ONE AND THE SAME!

How horrifying is that?

I had hoped that the image search for "lawyer in a blender" would turn up something more lurid. But this was about the best I could come up with.

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  1. The Plain People of Ireland: Oi! What is this? The worst kind of yellow journalism! This is fecking scandalous, even for someone as shameless as yerself?
    WC Management: Are ye speaking to me, ye insolent wretches? What is it this time?
    tPPoI: Well, what about the blatantly sensationalist use of the word "cannibalism" in the title of this post?
    WCM: Get over it, already! It's the Web 2.0. Gotta attract those internaut eyeballs somehow. Be thankful that I haven't figured out how to "monetize" this damned blog. Every night I struggle to come up with appealing content and this is all the thanks I get???? HEIN?????
    tPPoI: All right, all right. Calm yerself already. We were only making a point.
    Whipping Cats Ombudsman: And a perfectly valid one too.