Monday, March 21, 2011


Just a few quick notes today:

Andre continues to shine as an instructor - today's class, about art (French and otherwise) was just terrific. I feel challenged in all the right ways.

My cold appears to be completely gone - I am feeling much better.

One thing I really like about my current class schedule is that I have Monday and Friday afternoons free, which gives me time to catch up on assorted errands, without feeling that I have to squeeze things in.

Facebook is overrated. I think I will try to concentrate the energy I have for keeping in touch on maintaining this blog on a regular basis. This may mean some posts will be largely given over to pictures, but it makes more sense to me to include a more careful selection of photos here than to post them indiscriminately on Facebook or Flickr.

Brad sent me a video of the final results of the home redecoration. It looks terrific. As I managed to throw out huge bunches of stuff before leaving, as well as donate several cartons of clothes to Goodwill, even my closets have now been tamed. It's sobering to have to acknowledge the reality that a waist size of 34 now belongs permanently to one's past, but one has to face facts at some point....

French television continues to surprise me pleasantly, though if I never saw that Marine LePen woman again, it would be too soon. Like father, like daughter - the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

I have changed the background image for the blog to something slightly less disturbing, which I hope better illustrates the origin of the blog name. The other "phantom" version of the blog, which may have confused anyone who came across it by accident, has been deleted*.

Finally, I have resolved to abstain from reading "Jane Eyre" at dinner, or after dark. Enjoyable enough as last night's dream experiences were, I would prefer a less interesting nocturnal life for the foreseeable future. So, although the Brontes and Edgar Allen Poe are well-represented on my Kindle, for the foreseeable future I will be confining my night-time reading to the dry, academic political battles of the inhabitants of the world of C.P. Snow. I am not yet at the stage that I can read French literature just for pleasure. We'll see how this goes.

*: a long story, and not a very interesting one.

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  1. Paddy suggested C. P. Snow to me and I read and loved several of his novels. I thought about his writings on British attempts to create an atom bomb when I first heard about the nuclear catastrophe in Japan. Hope you enjoy him, too.