Saturday, March 26, 2011

Une bonne soiree

Last night I was invited to attend a surprise 25th birthday party for my friend Alex (seen above with his equally charming girlfriend, Sophie). As I mentioned in the previous post, I first met Alex at the don Quijote school in Madrid. It had been almost two years since we last saw one another, so it was really great to see him again. Coming from San Francisco, I definitely qualified as the guest who had travelled farthest to be at the party - Alex was definitely surprised to see me.

His friends, ranging from people he went to grade school with to friends he met during various stays abroad, were all totally charming. I was very proud of myself, as I managed to speak nothing but French for two and a half hours straight. Regrettably, at about eleven or so, despite the assistance of two and a half beers, I hit a wall, and my brain went into shutdown mode. Fortunately, the party was at a bar only 5 minutes from where I live, so I made it home fine. I slept straight through until almost noon this morning.

My thanks to Alex's friend Lionel, who organized the party, and who was thoughtful enough to seek me out on Facebook and send me an invitation to attend. I had a wonderful time.

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