Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On the home front

I regret to report that, on Sunday night, Boris chose to assert himself by relieving himself all over Thor's bed, which Brad had inadvisedly left downstairs (on the brown leather armchair, so things could have been worse). As you can imagine, this has prompted a series of agitated transatlantic phone calls, with much discussion of feline psychology, and dark warnings about possibly dire consequences if Boris should decide to take aim at the new carpet.

So far there have been no further incidents, but a certain marmalade kitty is very much on notice. I have rarely heard the normally unflappable Brad so beside himself.

Though I miss the kitties dearly, sometimes it's a relief not to be directly on the scene.


  1. The Plain People of Ireland: Ah sure you can hardly blame the poor beast. Cats do be very territorial animals, you know.

    WP management: I don't care if he's the bloody Lion King! If he pisses on the new carpet, it'll be 3 days solitary confinement in the guest bathroom with his litter box, and reduced rations.

    PPoI: But that's hardly fair!

    WP management: Silence, wretches!

  2. I can relate to Brad's fury... Adam would have a conniption fit.