Sunday, May 15, 2011

Doggerel : The French Cycle (I)

Continuing in the tradition of the Iberian cycle -
Iberian Cycle (I)
Iberian Cycle (II)
Iberian Cycle (III)

If invited to visit Bordeaux
My advice is to get up and geaux
Their luxuriant vines
Make excellent wines
You're a fool if you think of saying "neaux"

A young ballet dancer from Nantes
Was concerned with the fit of his pantes
"They're Toulon and Toulouse
And the belt's just a noose
So I dance like I've antes in my pantes!"

Woody Allen is opening at Cannes
I'm sure there'll be oodles of fannes
Europe loves Woody
I think he's no good - he
's become just a dirty old mannes.

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