Thursday, May 19, 2011

Even More Regrettable Doggerel

A hotel proprietor in Nice
Had a terrible problem with fleas*
He cursed "Zut ! sales puces !
I wish zey'd vamoose.
From my scratching I need a release" !

A young nymphomaniac in Rennes
Was very attracted to mennes.
She said "Try as I might,
I just want, every night,
To do it agennes and agennes" !

The people who live down in Metz
Are disturbingly fond of their petz.
Metz, c'est un trou.
There's just *nothing* to do.
Fun with petz is as good as it getz !

Yes, yes! This kind of thing is inexcusable. I'll stop now.

*: Poetic licence. Get over it, already.

Oh, OK. Just one more.

A sommelier living in Nimes
While asleep gave out terrible scrimes
He said "Swear to Jesus,
It must be the cheeses,
That give me such horrible drimes" !

1 comment:

  1. Ok, I can't resist:

    An old lecher caught with a maid

    Paid a high price for getting laid

    He refused to talk

    But had to perp walk

    And everyone loved the parade